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04th Aug 2018

Woman conducts DIY operation to mend butterfly’s damaged wing

Too sweet.

Jade Hayden


Oh lord.

Just when you thought we all hit peak adorable animal story and things that people do for animals that are really sweet and things that animals do for humans that are even sweeter, something like this happens.

This isn’t your average adorable animal story.

This is different.

This changed lives, probably.

And, alright yeah, it might technically reference an insect instead of a straight-up animal but whatever, it still counts.

Romy McClusky is a woman from Texas.

Romy is a pretty big fan of butterflies – so much so that she spends a lot of her time observing caterpillars from her back garden before they transform.

Recently, Romy noticed that one of the butterflies had a damaged wing after it emerged from its protective cocoon.

Rather than accepting this unfortunate twist of fate, Romy decided to try something a little different.

… Set up a DIY operating theatre and fix that butterfly’s wing.

And she did it too.


As part of her operating theatre, she had a towel, scissors, tweezers, talc, and Romy’s other “sweet girl” who had tragically passed away earlier that week.

Romy secured the little injured guy down using a bent hanger and trimmed away the edges of his broken wing.

She also reassured everyone that this didn’t hurt him and was more like “trimming hair or nails.”

Romy then alligned the new wing, glued it on, and the butterfly was all brand new.

Just beautiful.

Romy also took the chance to explain how the DIY surgery helped her to process the death of her other butterfly whose wing she used to complete her operation.

She said:

“I had lost a girl butterfly a few days ago. My heart broke because I thought she hadn’t gotten to fulfill her purpose in this world because she hadn’t gotten to fly outside.

“Funny how life shows you there’s a plan for everything. She has given a wonderful gift of flight to this little guy and gotten her chance to fly outside too!”

Actually too sweet, like.

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