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02nd Jun 2018

Woman claims she can ‘tell if you’re poor’ – and it all depends if this is in your kitchen

Do you have one in your kitchen?

The comments sparked a heated debate.

A woman has claimed she can “tell if you’re poor” based on what’s in your kitchen – in particular, if you own a tin opener.

One Mumsnet user took to the forum to vent after her sister claimed she could tell the family were poor because they owned the useful kitchen gadget.

She added:

“She says she herself has not bought a tin without a ring pull in years and obviously does not own a tin opener.

“Apparently only poor people buy tins that would need a tin opener.”

The original poster later explained that, in her sister’s opinion, this is “only the latest of my many, many failures”.

She continued:

“The fact I had a manual toothbrush….that I only have my hair cut once a year… That DS was in own brand nappies.

“The list is endless.”

And her sister’s comments sparked a heated debate among her fellow forum users, with many of them ridiculing the claim.

One person said:

“Just to flip this in another direction, at food bank we make sure that we make up some packs with all ring-pull cans because some people (i.e. rough sleepers) might not have a tin opener.

“See what she makes of that.”

Another person wrote:

“Tell her she’s only posh until the ring pull snaps and she has to bite through the tin with her teeth to get her spaghetti hoops.”

A different person chimed in:

“To be honest I hadn’t even noticed that more expensive brands tend to have ring pulls. It’s not something I look at !

“If anything I prefer not ring pulls as for some reason my teen daughter finds them really hard but can use a can opener.”

Someone else asked:

“That is a really bizarre thing to notice. Why on earth does she care so much about your ring pull situation?”

Meanwhile, another Mumsnet user pointed out:

“The real sign of poverty is not having a tin opener, buying the cheaper tins and smashing them open on a rock.”