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31st Mar 2013

Woman Calls Fire Department For Help Ordering Takeaway

There seems to be an increasing amount of these stories...

Rebecca McKnight

You may have heard about the man who called the police when his date stood him up. Well this is the same sort of thing.

A woman has been arrested and charged after she called 911 to help her get a Chinese takeaway.


The woman apparently wanted help ordering a takeaway.

Elizabeth Niemi from New Hampshire in America reportedly called the emergency services and said she needed medical help.

According to The Hooksett Banner the fire department went to her home and discovered that she simply wanted assistance to order a takeaway.

The fire department went out to her home thinking it was a genuine emergency.

The authorities arrested Niemi two weeks later for the misuse of emergency services. She is due up in court next month.

And yes we too are starting to wonder what is wrong with the world?


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