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26th Mar 2019

These will be the most popular baby names in 2028, according to predictions

Jade Hayden

Planning on starting a family?

Good. Planning on starting it in the next decade or so?

Even better because by then, the year will be 2028.

There’ll be flying cars, motion detecting McDonald’s drive-thrus, and enough food to feed the globe thus ending world hunger.

Just kidding. None of those things are going to happen and we’ll probably be living the exact same lives that we currently already are.

Except maybe a bit more shit.

Anyway, this piece isn’t about impending doom or the futility of existence – it’s  about baby names.

Most notably, the baby names predicted to be the most popular in 2028, 10 years from now.

The guys over at Nameberry have crunched the numbers, examined the trends, and poked whatever it is you need to poke to predict the future, and discovered what we’ll all be calling our kids in a decade.

Here’s the top 10 of what they came up with.

First, girls:

1. Charlotte

2. Amelia

3. Harper

4. Emma

5. Olivia

6. Evelyn

7. Mia

8. Aria

9. Ava

10. Sofia

baby boy

Then, boys:

1. Liam

2. Mateo

3. Maverick

4. Noah

5. Lincoln

6. Lucas

7. Henry

8. Theodore

9. Jaxon

10. Oliver

Few surprises there, in fairness. A few non-surprises too.

For instance, who among us is really going to be calling our baby boys Maverick?

If it’s you, take a moment to consider your life choices.