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30th Jun 2012

Why Not Glamp It Up This Summer Ladies?

Have you ever heard of glamping? Find out what it is, where you can do it and why you ought to give it a try.

Rebecca McKnight

When you think of camping, you probably think of cold nights cooking beans over a fire, peeing in a dark field and sleeping on the bumpy ground. Let’s face it; it’s not exactly what we’d call luxurious.

Glamping, or glamorous camping as it is also known, is a whole other story. In fact, we’d love to organise a glamping trip, if only we could get the time off! Until then we’ll just have to be satisfied with talking about how great it is and why you should try it.

1. Low-cost luxury

One of the main benefits of glamping is the fact that it, for the majority of glampsites, is cheaper than staying in a hotel. For staying in a very nicely-decorated boutique yurt in Ireland, you can expect to pay approximately €80 a night or €350 for the week. Obviously prices will vary but you are essentially paying for a unique and quirky experience that you will never forget. Also, we’d love to be able to say “We stayed in a yurt!”

2. Global locations

There are a number of glampsites in Ireland but the trend has gone global in recent years with locations all over Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and America. The settings vary between and throughout countries as do the prices, but it is evident that glamping is the new camping and everyone including is loving it!

3. Home comforts

The best thing about glamping is that you have all the comforts of home and all the beauty of nature. If you are one of these people who never even thought about camping due to all the mud and lack of sleep, then glamping is for you. You get all the adventure with none of the hassle. From beds to chairs to tables, you truly can have everything that a hotel has while also enjoying being in a tent under the stars. How much more romantic can you get?

4. Outdoor activities

Glamping trips are great if you enjoy the outdoors. Most glampsites will be near popular attractions so that you can make the most of your surroundings. In glampsites further afield you can admire the wildlife in Africa, enjoy the beaches of Australia or enjoy croissants in France.

5. All occasions

Glamping also suits all sorts of occasions and trips. From a hen do with your close friends to a romantic weekend with your other half, glamping is a memorable experience and looks like great fun.

We’d love to hear from any glampers out there and if you are interested in a glamping trip, visit or for more information.