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28th Mar 2013

Who Shot JR? One of TV’s Most Famous Plots is Set To Play Again…

Spoiler: It was Maggie Simpson. No wait, wrong show…

Who shot J.R.?

It’s a question that was on everyone’s lips back in 1980, and now one of the most famous storylines in television history is set for a resurrection. 

Thirty-three years later, actor Larry Hagman will return for his last scenes in Dallas, thanks to “some clever writing, recycled footage and digital technology”.

The actor, who sadly passed away last November, had originally been intended for a prominent role in the main storyline of the new look Dallas.

Spoiler Alert! (For real this time…) 

Hagman’s character J.R. will say a final farewell in “The Furious and the Fast”, an episode set to be aired on TV3 next Monday, April 1st.

In the emotional final scene of the episode, John Ross gets a call from J.R. who tells him that he’s not going to have to pay for the sins of the father, because he has a plan… and it’s going to be his masterpiece. Viewers will see John Ross’ face as he hears two gunshots on the other end of the line, and the episode closes with his frightened calls for his “Daddy”.

And so the stage is set for another ‘Who Shot J.R.’, with the culprit set to be revealed at the end of the current season.

Our money is on this guy.