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16th Feb 2014

“Who Ate All The Pecan Sandies?” Eleven Things We Have Learned From American Dad

So much better than Family Guy!

Sue Murphy

Last week, we took a look at how the brilliant Family Guy taught us so much and inspired us, so it really wouldn’t be fair to look at that series without looking at the other brilliant show created by Seth MacFarlane, American Dad. Here are eleven lessons we have learned from that brilliant show.

1. Roger is THE best animated character ever. Ever.

We were aware of this from Episode 1 but it was certainly true and definitely the case here.

2. Never use government equipment for personal use.

Not because you will get caught, that is part of the problem, but you may never know how it is actually supposed to work.

3. Fish can totally talk.

They really can. Nemo, Klaus. They are all capable of speech. And they’re pretty smart…

4. There is always a hippie in every family.

There’s always one isn’t there? Mouthing off about green vegetables and saving the world. Every family has one.


5. Every father will always hate their daughter’s boyfriend.

He could be the greatest doctor in the land, a humanitarian, rich, maybe even the greatest man alive. Dads are not meant to like boyfriends.

american dad jeff

6. Nobody likes their boss.

Especially when your boss is Avery Bullock and even if he is voiced by Patrick Stewart, you still won’t like him.

7. Things don’t always go the way you had initially planned.

You can have the most elaboretly brilliant plans, it just won’t go the way that it’s supposed to, that is a fact.

8. Your wife is always right.

She is never wrong. Even when she’s wrong, she is right.

9. You can learn a lesson from every situation.

Just ask Stan! He has learned hundreds of episodes over the years.

stan gif

10. Everyone loves George Clooney.

Except Francine. She is literally the only one who doesn’t love him. Literally.

francine george clooney

11. President Bush is arguably the best guest star ever.

Do the skull and bones!

george bush