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17th Dec 2012

Where Were You Last Night? Because Here’s Where Everybody Else Appeared to Be!

You might have been out with friends. Or you might have been in bed getting an early night. Or you might have been sharing something with a million other people...

Don’t worry, there are no spoilers, just incredible news for the cast and crew of crime drama Love/Hate!

As you may well know, the series finale was last night and let’s just say a lot of people were very excited about it. In fact, approximately one million people were very excited about it because that’s how many are said to have tuned in.

The latest series of the show, starring Robert Sheehan and Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, has gripped the nation and the last episode was no different. It was full of betrayal and blood, two of the things that have come to define the gritty series.


Robert Sheehan is just one of the incredible cast.

Speaking to the Irish Independent Jason Barry, who plays IRA gunman Dano, said that he didn’t realise how much people loved the show until he went out for a drink one evening.

“I hadn’t experienced it before until I went for a drink with my Mum and Dad and brother to the local pub. I walked in and literally within about 20 minutes there were hordes of people waiting photographs.

“Within that hour and a half I really felt the power the show has had in the last six weeks. It was phenomenal,” he added.


Jason Barry spoke about his surprise at the show’s popularity recently.

As if the viewing figures aren’t enough, Love/Hate also looks set to become RTÉ’s biggest-selling DVD box set with tens of thousands of pre-orders waiting to be shipped today.

We know we’ll have a while to wait but we’re already super excited about series four!