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07th Mar 2013

What A Sinking Feeling: Adorable Puppy Manages To Get Himself Stuck In A Very Strange Place

Little Tyson, the eight-week-old pup had been playing with his brother when the incident occurred...

Puppies are known for generally being a bit nosy, however we bet this little eight-week-old puppy is cursing his curiosity after he managed to get himself stuck in a plughole.

Yes, we’re not exactly sure how on earth he managed to get himself stuck in such a small place but according to Tyson’s owner, the German shepherd/rottweiler cross was playing with his older brother beneath the sink and somehow wiggled his way into the tight spot.

Nilu Odera, Tyson’s owner got a shock when she saw the fluffly little face peering at her from the kitchen sink, so she did what any loving owner would do. She ripped out the sink and brough it (with Tyson attached) to the vet as quickly as possible.

Thankfully the little pup was okay and just needed to be sedated while the vet cut him free. We imagine it’ll be a long time before Tyson willingly goes near a sink again!