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26th Sep 2012

What a Kicker: Irishman Fined €1,800 For Kicking an Australian Politician up The Arse. Yes, Really.

An Irishman handed himself into police custody after he drunkenly kicked an Australian politician up the arse during a live televised press conference as a dare...

This news story reminded us of two important things. The first was that episode of The Simpsons where Bart ends up mooning the Australian Parliament. The second was that episode of Father Ted, where Ted kicks Bishop Brennan up the arse.

Both episodes are equally hilarious. This story, however, is not so much. Mainly because the poor guy ended up having to fork out €1,800.

What are we talking about? Well ladies, an Irishman who was captured on live television kicking a politician in the backside was convicted in a court in Australia yesterday.

Darren Heraty was dared by his friends to kick John Elferink, a local politician, during a live press conference. If Mr Heraty managed to complete the dare, his friends were willing to give him Aus$200 (that’s €160 to us).

Mr Elferink was giving a speech on tougher laws on alcohol-fuelled violence at the conference, when Hearty approached him and gave him a solid kick up the arse.

Mr Elferink, who used to be a policeman, attempted to carry out a citizen’s arrest, but after a struggle, Mr Heraty managed to break free and escape.

Obviously the incident played on Mr Heraty’s mind and he later handed himself into police custody.

Yesterday Mr Heraty was found guilty of aggravated assault and escaping lawful custody at Darwin Magistrates Court.

The court heard that he had been drinking with friends at a nearby bar when they saw that the press conference was being set up across the road. The dare was made and Mr Heraty assaulted Mr Elferink.

Mr Heraty said that he was sorry for the “stupid, drunken prank” and was fined €1,800.

The Magistrate, Greg Cavanagh, stated in the court room that the high number of Irish people coming before court for drunken misbehaviour was getting to be beyond a joke.

All we can say is at least Mr Heraty wasn’t threatened with “the boot” like poor old Bart Simpson. Now, for old time’s sake, does everyone remember the following clip?