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17th Dec 2012

What a Difference a Euro Makes – Up for Christmas with 7Up Free

Ever thought about how much difference a single euro from you might make to someone else?

Down the back of the couch, under the car seat, the bottom of a bag you haven’t used in the last year – a stray euro can turn up just about anywhere.

Not something you’d usually give a whole lot of thought to, but the humble euro, all on its own, is quite a mighty thing. 

An Irish worker on minimum wage spends about 7 minutes hard at work to earn a single euro – think about tacking on 7 minutes to a long day every time you wanted an extra euro and you might see it somewhat differently! 

If you had saved a single euro a day for the past year, right now you could jet yourself off to the Canary Islands for a week, leaving tomorrow, and still have twenty quid left over for dinner.

But that’s just an indulgent treat. When it comes to charity donations, that’s where your single euro makes the biggest difference of all.

The Simon Community is a charity that reaches out to people who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness.   

This Christmas, 7Up Free have paired up with The Simon Community for their Up For Christmas campaign.

You can raise that all-important euro for The Simon Community simply by sharing a festive photo on the 7Up Free website.

For more info, click here – and think about doing one simple good deed this Christmas.