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11th Dec 2012

Well This is Beautiful… Extraordinary Group of People Cover Classic Song

While we're hoping Lily-Mae hits the number one spot in Ireland for Christmas, across the water we're backing this absolutely beautiful cover of 'True Colours'.

Rebecca McKnight

This is one of the most touching music videos we’ve ever seen.

While we’re all about little Lily-Mae beating the X Factor single to the Irish Christmas number one, this is our tip for the top in the UK.

Meet the British Paraorchestra, who describe themselves as “an orchestra defined by what you hear, not what you see”, and the Kaos Singing Choir for Deaf and Hearing Children. Both groups have paired up with athletes from the British Paralympics team to cover the Cyndi Lauper classic ‘True Colours’.

The song opens with soloist Lyn Levett, who, as the Paraorchestra website explains, has Cerebral Palsy and is unable to speak. The first lines you hear are Lyn singing through her computer for the first time.  

Paraorchestra founder said of the single; “The song ‘True Colors’ played by disabled musicians, sung by deaf and hearing children and supported by Paralympians captures the longing and the joy of being seen for who you truly are.”