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11th Oct 2013

Weekend Roundup – The Ten Things Loved This Week

These are a few of our favourite things...

Another Friday rolls around! Here are ten things that put a smile on our faces this week…



Nailed it!

Úna’s in love with Sally Hansen’s “Jungle Gem” nail varnish this week. Not only do two coats of the varnish last for ages, but it’s pretty chip resistant too! Definitely in her top two favourite nail varnish brands alongside ESSIE.


Love/ Hate

Cathy is a little behind on this particular phenomenon but now that she’s started watching she’s hooked. She finally understands everyone’s obsession with Robert Sheehan (Darren Tracey)…those eyes! Now that the fourth season has started she has an awful lot of catching up to do…

Diving into the Deep End

Rebecca is just back from holidays so it comes as no surprise that she loved her trip away to Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. As well as getting a tan, she also received her Open Water Diving qualification and saw some incredible fish including lots of clown ‘Nemo’ fish. Talk about a holiday to remember!


Enough Said 
Sue went along to catch the screening of James Gandolfini’s last film, Enough Said, on Monday and was an emotional mess for the rest of the day. She insisted that it’s “just lovely.”

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Shopaholic Michelle has been singing the praises of Parcel Motel this week, as their system allows shoppers to get around pesky online sites who will only deliver to UK addresses. As a result, she is currently (not-so-patiently) awaiting the arrival of two lovely handbags she ordered from a UK site this week, and avoided paying the much, much higher euro price. Michelle is all for shopping Irish, but when you’re talking about a total rip-off, she’s making a stand with her oft-abused credit card. You can find out more about Parcel Motel here.



The Chicks Will Love It!

Grace decided to catch up with an old friend and headed over to Camden Rotisserie for a bite to eat. The restaurant came highly recommended by a few of the JOEs, and there is no arguement – they know their food. Grace loved everything from the friendly reception to the cosy atmosphere, excellent service and, most importantly, the food. With a reasonably priced menu and late opening times, she will definitely be back.


Politics and Democracy

There’s nothing more addictive than a brilliant TV series, with top-notch actors and a gripping plotline! Úna‘s now into the third season of The West Wing and she’s totally hooked. She kind-of wishes CJ Cregg and Toby Ziegler were her best friends…

Cathy needs her caffiene hit now and again even if she swears she’s not addicted. This week she can’t get enough of Starbucks white mochas which also satisfy her sweet tooth… caffeine buzz and sugar hit, she swears by this mix.


Jokes with Jennifer

Not only is she gorgeous and funny but Jennifer Maguire is also a fan of, according to Rebecca who got to meet her this week. Jennifer is currently getting ready to star alongside Jason Donovan in Priscilla Queen of the Desert in the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre at the end of this month which is guaranteed to be a great production filled with top-tapping numbers.


Simply Charming
A few years ago, Sue lost a charm necklace that belonged to her two grandmothers and was pretty devastated about it. One of the charms was a scarab beetle which her mother bought in an antique fair. When Rebecca was away in Egypt, she picked her up the charm for her necklace which pretty much made Sue’s month.