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14th Mar 2014

Weekend Roundup – 10 Things Loved This Week

These are a few of our favourite things... for this week at least!

These are a few of our favourite things… this week at least.


A Novel Idea

Rebecca was lucky enough to get her hands on Jojo Moyes latest novel The One Plus One this week. As a huge fan, who balled her eyes out at Me Before You and was utterly charmed by The Girl You Left Behind, she had very high expectations and it didn’t disappoint.



Sue went along to see Beyonce this week in the o2. After a full week of wrecking everyone’s head in the office singing just the first two lines of Drunk in Love, she finally got to sing it back to the diva. She’s still not over it.


Snack Time

Alanna‘s favourite thing this week arrived today in the form of a lovely gift for Úna, who was happy to share.  Our visiting Qatar journalist got to try Keogh’s crisps and proclaimed them her favorite Irish snack yet. So crunchy!


Egg, anyone? 

There are few things in life that can’t be solved by chocolate. Fill it with a fluffy mousse centre that melts in your mouth and you’ve mastered how to keep the Her team distracted from all life’s worries. Liz‘s favourite thing this week is these Cadbury Egg and Spoon treats. As she says; “They’re dangerously delicious”. If there was ever a reason to break Lent, we think we’ve found it.



C’mon The Girls! 

In recent months Grace has been interviewing some of the greatest musical talent Ireland has to offer for’s Irish Artist of the Week, all of which have been men, until now. This week Grace caught up with the incredible Wallis Bird, lovely lead vocalist Fionnuala from Toy Soldier and the sweetheart Laura Elizabeth Hughes to discuss new material, home grown talent and the most difficult thing about being a female in the industry with some very interest (and hilarious) answers. Stay tuned for the interviews with these exceptional ladies.

Run Like The Wind

As part of her Girls Run The World training with Life Style Sports, Michelle suddenly owns a sporting wardrobe for the first time since she played U12 Gaelic football. The latest addition to her training gear is particularly snazzy; these Speedform trainers from Under Armour are sleek, smooth and fast – and they look the part perfectly too! Under Armour assure her that ‘this is what fast feels like’… no pressure Michelle.


Foodie delights

This week Úna headed off to the launch of the West Waterford Festival of Food launch in Smock Alley. On display there was an amazing selection of local produce and she got to sample a delicious bowl of Irish stew with local meat from Dungarvan. This year’s festival runs from the 10th to the 13th of April and is jam-packed with food events for both adults and children alike. It looks like it’s going to be pretty fun!


The thrill of the race

Marie’s favourite thing this week was the excitement of having a few winners at Cheltenham! While she wouldn’t be a regular gambler, it’s a rite of passage to risk a few quid on a ‘sure thing’ at this iconic festival and, luckily, a few of them came past the winning post in the right order! Shout out to Daddy Madden for the tips!