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29th Jan 2021

Weddings with up to 300 guests happening “every day” in London

At one wedding the bride “tested positive for Covid before getting married”.

So turns out while the rest of the UK is trying to stay home to stop the spread of Covid some people are having full blown weddings in this pandemic.

Just like us over here in Ireland people in the UK have been told to stay home if at all possible, so it’s surprising to hear that some people are still hosting events and gatherings but it seems like it’s not a one off in the UK.

There have been many ceremonies taking place in different locations across the UK, some weddings are even being hosted in schools, illegally, with up to 300 people attending.

The Metro reports that at one ceremony the bride “tested positive for Covid before getting married”, and ether were reports of a photographer at another wedding who “forced an entire flight into quarantine” afterwards.

Jewish News conducted an investigation into the Orthodox weddings, and they have found that there have been up to 50 ceremonies that they know of.

Police in the UK are being accused of turning a blind eye to mass gatherings in the UK. An anonymous source said “these illegal weddings have been going on for 10 months. We’re not talking about one or two. We are talking multiple weddings every day. All have 150-200 guests. At one wedding the bride was Covid-positive.”

One of the schools that was included in the investigation is reported to have been payed £750 for each wedding it hosts.

A source told the Metro earlier in the week: “One took place last night. Another took place on the 17th also at Yesodey Hatorah, another wedding will take place tomorrow. It’s happening all over.”

The report comes as devastating figures show the UK has recorded more than 100,000 coronavirus deaths over the last year.

Last week police officers in the UK broke up a wedding party attended by 400 guests at a north London school.