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10th Apr 2013

Watch Your Back Joe! Love/Hate’s Fran Hits Back At Irish Radio Presenter Joe Duffy

Actor Peter Cooney said he was "baffled" by the radio presenter's comments.

Love/Hate favourite Peter Cooney (possibly better known as Fran) has hit back at critics of the hit Irish TV series.

He argues that it doesn’t paint working class people in a bad light.

Cooney fought back after RTÉ’s Joe Duffy spoke out on his Liveline radio show and said the character portrayals on the show were “nasty”.

Cooney said he was baffled by the comments made, the Irish Sun reports.

The 28-year-old told Tubridy: “The people who watch the show are all ranges of people from lower class to upper class and everyone loves it. It is a fictional story about Dublin.

“We are not trying to say that this is what the working class is or this is how they act.

“These are criminals, people outside of the norm of life, so for someone to say this is a bad representation of people and that is not how it goes on is a little bit silly.”

The Love/Hate crew.

Cooney is currently filming for the show’s fourth series.

And we have a major SPOILER ALERT here… click if you want to find out if Tommy survives for the next series.