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25th Aug 2015

WATCH: This Video Of An Explosion Of Spiders Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Wait until you see what happens next. *SHUDDER*


Nothing to see here, just a wolf spider releasing HUNDREDS of baby spiders after encountering a moth.

The terrifying video, which surfaced on Reddit today, shows a spider encountering a moth, and deciding to release hundreds of her offspring she was carrying on her back all at once.

The tiny green emerald like dots are the insects, and the jewel colour is actually the spiders EYES reflecting the light.

(That’s a LOT of eyes to watch where you run to…)

wold spider

Video: Reddit

We don’t want to give you nightmares, but this happens all the time.

We wait for a world where we don’t have to worry about those eight legged creatures crawling over our skin.