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11th Mar 2015

WATCH: This Irish Man Sings The Most Moving Les Mis Song To His Brother That You’ll Ever See

This is stunning.

It’s hard not to be moved by a Les Mis song, but when you read the story behind this rendition, your heart may break a little.

When Declan McMullan suffered a cardiac arrest when he was 19-years old, which led to him suffering brain damage and being diagnosed with locked-in syndrome.

Declan can no longer eat, speak or see but still totally understands the world around him. Which makes what happens next that bit more poignant.

As part of a fundraising event for his now long-term care, his brother Mark decided to perform a song from Les Mis in the local pub.

The Ulster University delivered a stunning performance of the classic Bring Him Home, and the emotion is a little heartbreaking.

In a message posted to Declan’s fundraising page, his family wrote:

“Declan has an amazing sense of humour and has shown immense courage and strength throughout. Our amazing son has a long journey ahead, but he will travel that road with the love and support of his family, friends and the wider community.

As his family, we take one day at a time in the hope that he will continue to improve. We are eternally grateful to everyone who has helped him along the way, we will never forget your kindness.”

This is beautiful.

Video via Common Lawni