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29th Dec 2015

WATCH: The Truth Behind A ‘Great Night Out’ Snapchat Story Revealed In 11 Seconds

Are you guilty of this?


Are you guilty of this? 

If there’s one thing I’m grateful of on a Sunday around 10 am is that Snapchat didn’t exist in my younger days to amplify the dreaded ‘fear’ during ‘the morning after the night before’.

For some, Snapchat is the new Facebook status, the place where people go to live their lives… and for the most part, portray that they’re having a whale of a time.

Irish comedy groups Fupin Eejits and The Irish Take have teamed up to expose the truth behind those ‘great nights out’.

“Just one more, please. Just one more”.

In just 11 seconds that lads have nailed it.

Snapchat w/The Irish Take

Posted by Fupin Eejits on Monday, December 28, 2015