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18th Aug 2015

Watch: The Moment the Monaghan Rose MORTIFIED the Louth Rose on National TV

There are no friends in the Rose of Tralee. Only competitors.

Rebecca McKnight

They may well proclaim to be the 32 best friends that anyone could have, but make no bones about it – The Rose of Tralee is a competition. And if last night is anything to go by, it’s The Hunger Games.

Irish households watched in delight last night as the first 18 Roses took to the stage in The Dome to showcase their loveliness to the world and its mother. (If you missed anything, you can catch up on all the fun right here with our highlights selection).

In recent years, Twitter has made the viewing experience all the more enjoyable… and the social networking site positively LIT UP when the Monaghan Rose took to the stage. Mostly, because she took the opportunity to completely mortify her own brother and a fellow Rose. Just watch as this unfolds… poor old Louth is scarlet.

Of course it was all in jest, but we cannot wait to see what happens when Louth gets her chance for revenge tonight…