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09th Nov 2014

UPDATE: “Everyone Wants To Be In This Band Now” Stereo Kicks Stage Invader Turns Out To Be Comic Lee Nelson

We think he has the X Factor...


Stereo Kicks got a standing ovation from the X Factor judges for their rendition of Michael Jackson hit ‘You Are Not Alone’ and as it turns out, they weren’t…

Louis Walsh’s ‘octoband’ briefly became a nine piece after British comic Lee Nelson stormed the stage.

The boys received high praise from the judges, not only for their vocal performance, but holding it together so professionally.

The band’s mentor can be seen in the clip below signalling for staff to remove Nelson immediately.


Nelson, the alter-ego of comedian Simon Brodkin, posted this Vine to his Twitter with the caption: “There are so many of them I thought anyone could have a go. Really hope the boys keep me on”.

Walsh joked that “everyone wants to be in this band now”, as Mel B later revealed that Cheryl initially thought the stage invader was Take That star Mark Owen.

We don’t know about you but that ninth member could be the lads’ lucky charm…