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02nd Sep 2014

WATCH: Sad Scenes As An Ebola Sufferer Escapes From Quarantine Area In Liberia Causing Complete Panic

This is both terrifying and truly heartbreaking to watch.


This is both terrifying and truly heartbreaking to watch. 

The deadly Ebola virus has wreaked havoc in the four countries affected by the recent outbreak – Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria.

In Monrovia, a small town in Liberia, a patient suffering with the deadly virus caused somewhat of a frenzy amongst villagers when he wandered from the quarantine area before being captured and returned to the treatment area.

Euronews uploaded the footage onto YouTube and in the description details explained that the man left the designated quarantine area in search for food at a local market.

According to the BBC, the Ebola outbreak is the worst of its kind in history and has killed at least 1550 of the 3000 people in four countries since March.

Cheers from the crowd can be heard as medical staff put the infected man into the back of the Unicef ambulance.

Currently there are no proven treatments for the condition, however biotech firms and government agencies are making there best efforts to speed up the development of several potential therapies and vaccines.

Video via YouTube/euronews