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23rd May 2016

Watch: News reporter gets hit across the head on live TV

She was reporting from protests in France.

Ouch, that looked painful.

Anna Baranova was reporting for Russia Today in Paris when she got hit across the head by a protester while on live TV and the video of the assault has since gone viral.

She had to deal with other people interfering with the report but the smack across the head was by far the worst part.

Speaking about the unprovoked attack she said:

“The crowd was made up of angry youths covering their faces with masks and scarfs, vandals looking for trouble.”

“I wasn’t so much hurt as surprised – people actually come up and hit you on the head while you try to do your job. Wow.”

“My helmet had the word “Presse” [Media] written on it – an entity seen by them as an enemy along with the police and the ruling party.”

Image and video via Facebook/RT Play