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21st Dec 2014

WATCH: Footballer Brings New York’s Times Square To A Standstill For Flashmob Proposal

Nothing warms the heart quite like public displays of affection...


Nothing warms the heart quite like public displays of affection… We’re kidding, but this is genuinely really lovely. 

Now we may be getting slightly soft in our old age, or it could have something to do with it being that time of year, but there’s something about a good wedding proposal video that has us reaching for the Kleenex and wishing a couple that we don’t know well… This is exactly what you’ll be doing after watching this next video.

New York’s Times Square was brought to a halt when Scottish footballer Sean Murdoch proposed to his girlfriend.

Nothing says ‘I love you, will you marry me’ quite like a flashmob of Broadway dancers, and so the 28-year-old joined in the performance to Bruno Mars hit ‘Marry You’ on Friday at 3pm.

“I’m delighted. I was just trying to think outside the box and had some ideas, so I reached out to Broadway Dance Centre and they came up with the dance,”Murdoch told the Daily Record.

“Charissa had absolutely no idea it was going to happen so it was absolutely perfect.

“I had a good idea she’d say yes but I was nervous. Once I started dancing I totally loved it.”