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04th Aug 2012

Waitresses Dressed in Red Rake in The Cash From Male Diners

New research has found that waitresses wearing red are more likely to be tipped than those that aren’t!

Waitresses who wear red to work are more likely to receive tips from their male customers new research has shown.

Ladies in red uniforms get up to 26 per cent more tips than they would wearing other colours researchers have found.

The study, which was carried out by the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research, tested 11 waitresses in five restaurants over a six-week period. The researchers asked the women to wear the same style t-shirt but in different colours throughout the period.

The test showed that the women received the most tips on days they wore the red t-shirt.

The researchers concluded that the colour red is perceived by men to increase the physical and sexual attractiveness of women.

The red t-shirts did not increase the amount female customers tipped.

Researchers Nicolas Gueguen and Celine Jacob wrote: “As red colour has no negative effect on women customers, it could be in their interest to wear red clothes at work.”

Wearing red lipstick was also proven to have a positive effect on a waitresses tip jar.