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15th Nov 2013

VIDEO: What A Hero! How One Irish Dad Bonds With His Daughter

This is one way to pass the time when stuck in traffic!

No one likes being stuck in a vehicle for a long journey or caught in the Friday evening traffic rush. One thing that gets the majority of us through it, is humming along to the radio. This Irish Dad and his daughter have stepped it up a notch, as the pair like to pass the time in a slightly different way. Car choreography. 

Fergus Lacey and his daughter like to amuse themselves by coming up with dance routines, and by the looks of it, these two have had a lot of practice.

Fergus decided to capture the moment on camera to share with the rest of us.

We have to be honest, the little lady steals the show.

A huge thanks to those who encouraged Fergus to send this video on – Fergus, we loved the moves!

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