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17th Jun 2016

VIDEO: TV presenter suffers embarrassing wardrobe malfunction on TV

How did that even happen?

Laura Holland

How did this even happen?

A presenter in the states for Fox News, Alina Moine, suffered one of the worst wardrobe malfunctions on TV. While broadcasting a segment about the Rio Olympics, she accidentally gave viewers an eyeful.

She was speaking with fellow presenter Maxi Palma about the games when she managed to somehow lift up her dress and flash her underwear to the camera.

She looked completely unfazed by the whole thing and continued on presenting.

Some people are questioning the legitimacy of the wardrobe malfunction.

Apparently, the show was pre-recorded which usually means that mistakes as big as this can be cut out in the editing stage.

According to The Daily Mail, one person commented, “The curious thing is that this programme was recorded. It’s strange that they did not cut out this part.”