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14th Jul 2016

This video shows the Mosney holiday camp in a horribly sad state today

The summer holiday site is now derelict.


Butlins’ Mosney holiday camp, situated in Mosney, Co Meath, was the ultimate summer holiday destination when it first opened its doors in 1948.

It had this really kitschy ski chalet glamour vibe that was totally of its time. Some parts of it kind of resembled the set of a high budget porno film complete with gaudy carpets, massive aquariums set into walls, and statement fake flower ceiling hangings.

But a new video has just been released showing the hauntingly decayed former holiday camp – and later a direct provision camp  – and it’s in a really horrible state of disrepair.


At its height, Mosney had a whopping capacity of 2,800 campers and space for around 4,000 day visitors. It’s fair to say that it was an instant Irish hit.

It embodied this aspirational lifestyle that the baby boomers longed for, but at a price that was kind on pockets. When Billy Butlin started his business his ethos was to give “a week’s family holidays for a week’s wages”.

It was so revolutionary at its time that even the Catholic Church got involved and condemned the “English idea” which was alien and “undesirable in an Irish Catholic Country”.

In 1982, a then decaying Butlins was sold to Irish businessman Phelim McCluskey, who continued on the running of Mosney and the Community Games which was also held on the facilities.

A bit further down the line, in 2000, the site was sold to the Irish government who turned it into emergency accommodation for asylum seekers.

But as you will see in the video below, uploaded by YouTube user FlipFlop Windsurfing, the site today is completely unrecognisable. You can still make out some of the landmarks that made so many Irish families holidays memorable. For the most part though, the video shows just how run-down and derelict the place has become.

Have a watch. See if it brings back any memories: