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25th Mar 2016

VIDEO: Rubber Bandit’s Interview With Channel 4 About Mental Health Has Gone Viral

"Why is the man in the bag making sense?"

Laura Holland

Rubber Bandits, proving again that they have more than comedy to share. 

Blindboy Boatclub’s interview with Channel 4, about mental health amongst young people in Ireland, has gone viral.

In the interview, Blindboy talks about how the recession has affected the younger generations in Ireland.

He said, “My generation, we’re old enough to remember the Celtic Tiger, but we’re massively affected by the recession. Our 20s were stolen from us, pretty much.

“Young Irish people, the suicide amongst them is massive. Huge amounts of suicide, jumping into rivers, and emigration and a lot of young Irish people, they don’t see a future.”

People have been praising him on social media for making more sense than a politician and he shares their thoughts saying, “Rather than looking, going ‘why is the man in the bag making sense?’, you go ‘why is the man in the suit not making sense?'”

Watch the interview here:

Image and video via Twitter/Channel 4 News