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25th Sep 2014

VIDEO: Puppy Playdate – Twitch Just Wants To Have Fun!

The two best friends...

Cathy Donohue

We can’t get enough of dog videos in the office (we were lucky enough to have pups from My Canine Companion visit us a couple of weeks ago and haven’t stopped raving about them since).

It’s no surprise then that this video stole our hearts. Julie Catitlin has two dogs, a German Shepherd called Twitch and a little puppy named Sophie.

Julie was getting very confused as when she would put Sophie in her kennel,  she would turn around five minutes later to find her playing with Twitch.

In a bid to find out what has happening, she put a camera on the kennel. It turned out that Twitch was so eager to play with Sophie that he kept letting her out of the kennel.

It’s a couple of years old but is only going viral now and we have been watching it on repeat.