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06th Dec 2013

VIDEO: Oireachtas Release New Footage Of Mandela Addressing The Dáil In 1990

Nelson Mandela thanks the Irish people for their "love and respect" to the South African movement.

The Oireachtas have released footage of the late Nelson Mandela addressing a joint sitting of the Dáil and Seannad in 1990.

The inspirational leader passed away after a months of ill-health.

95-year-old Mandela, dubbed ‘Friend of Ireland’, visited the capital as a part of his world tour in July of 1990.

In the 5-minute-long video, Mandela thanks the Irish people for the “complete rejection of the apartheid crime against humanity.”

He continued by expressing his gratitude of the “love and respect” the country had of the movement to transport South Africa into a united and democratic, non-racial and non-sexist country.

“The rise of your determination born from your experience that our people should, like yourselves, be free to govern themselves and to determine their destiny.”

Hat-tip: Gavin Reilly on Twitter

Video via:oireachtasfilm