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16th May 2013

VIDEO: Meet The New Lord Of The Manor… Diddy Joins Downton?!

The rapper has "revealed" that he has joined the crew at the Abbey... see the video below. 

So Diddy could be wandering the corridors of Downton soon…?

Or not.

The rapper’s claims on Twitter have been proven false, according to Newstalk, and the origin of the tweets is unclear.

P Diddy’s Twitter profile has been transformed into a Downton shrine with his background, profile cover and profile picture all featuring the hit ITV show’s logo and branding.

The rapper’s official Twitter account reads, “MY BIG NEWS: So happy to announce that I’m a series regular on DOWNTON ABBEY.

He has also promised to reveal his appearance on the award-winning drama within the next hour. We’re at the edge of our seats here…

Diddy has even shared a sneak peek of himself trussed up in costume.

Downton‘s having a moment in the US at the moment but a spokeswoman for the broadcaster PBS says it’s not true.

It is still unknown whether or not Diddy’s Twitter account was hacked and the 43-year-old is yet to comment on the story.


Thursday, 9am.  

Diddy reveals his Downton debut… See the video below. 

Diddy, you’ve made our day.