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28th Dec 2013

VIDEO: Magic Piano Brings Holiday Cheer to Commuters

A little magic this Christmas...

At this time of year, there’s magic in the air… and in some train stations.

A “magical” piano placed in the middle of Chicago’s Union Station brightened up traveling days over the Christmas period, thanks to this great prank by Rob Bliss Creative and Amtrack.

The piano was rigged so that it could be played remotely by professional musician Andrew Blendermann, who was in a nearby room.

Speaking to Yahoo, Rob explained: “We had cameras and microphones set up near the piano that feeded back to this secret room where we had speakers and television monitors set up so we could see and hear everything that happened. Also, our pianist had a keyboard that could remotely control the piano at the same time.”

For many, (see adorable little girl who played along), the piano went down a treat. For some, (see very angry business man), not so much.