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14th Dec 2013

Video: Husband Travels The World In Pink Tutu Just To Make Cancer-Stricken Wife Laugh

"I'm here to make people happy."

When Linda Carey was diagnosed with breast Cancer the news devastated her husband Bob. Instead of dwelling on the negative, Bob decided he would do something positive for his wife while she was going through chemotherapy treatment. 

Bob decided the best medication he could give his wife was laughter, and out of this idea the ‘Tutu Project’ was born.

The photographer travelled across the US and further, braving every weather condition imaginable to create images that made, not only his wife, but other women who were also suffering from cancer, smile. In every picture the only item of clothing Bob was wearing was a pink tutu.

Bob and Linda have been shocked and overwhelmed by the response their story received and the images have been compiled in a bookBallerina, with all proceeds going directly to breast cancer organisations.

In this video the couple tell the story of how they chose to deal with breast cancer through inspiration, courage and love.

As Linda says in the clip herself, this is “just a good story about love.”

Yes, we shed a tear.

Video via YouTube/TheTutuProject