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11th Feb 2013

VIDEO: Hear About A Drunk Mark Wahlberg On The Graham Norton Show? This Irish Girl Got The Brunt Of It!

Poor Megan was thrown off the red chair more than once...

Graham Norton’s show feature Story in the Red Chair has us cringing for the most part as he slams the lever down for guests who tell a story he deems funny or not… flipping the chair they’re sitting on.

But we’ve never seen a Story in the Red Chair like this one before. Graham Norton Show guest Mark Wahlberg pulled the lever several times for Irish girl Megan.

Wahlberg joined guests Sarah Silverman, Michael Fassbender and Laura Mvula on Graham Norton’s couch for a chat on Saturday night, but Wahlberg stole the show.

Arguably after a few too many, the actor rambled, interrupted the other guests’ stories and we got an impromptu lesson in all the things Mark Wahlberg doesn’t like… most notably poor nurse Megan.

Hold on tight guys!