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28th Dec 2015

VIDEO: CNN News Anchor Who Passed Out Live On Air Assures Viewers She’s “Fine”

Poppy Harlow, who is expecting her first child, took ill during a live TV broadcast.

Megan Cassidy

CNN anchor Poppy Harlow sparked concern on Monday morning when she passed out during a live TV broadcast for the network.

The reporter, who was not on screen at the time, was doing a voiceover while graphics were displayed.

She could be heard slurring her words before falling silent, with members of the team heard coming to her assistance.

Viewers took to Twitter to express their concern for the popular anchor, who is six months pregnant with her first child.

However, the 33-year-old returned to the set a short time later to reassure viewers that she was “fine” and attributed the faint to “feeling a little hot”. She later took to Twitter to update fans on her condition and the condition of her unborn child.

Video via YouTube/JohnJorgen