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14th Feb 2014

Value Means More Than Price – The P&G Effect

P&G Effect campaign reveals why value means more than just price

Procter & Gamble has launched its new P&G Effect campaign in Ireland. The campaign celebrates the passion and research that goes into its trusted everyday brands revealing their true value which lasts far beyond the checkout. The campaign will encourage customers to reassess how they think about value and how value isn’t just about the cheapest option.

The P&G Effect reveals the expert science, technology, research and development which go into some of the products that form part of daily life in Ireland. Whether you’re cleaning your clothes, your dishes or your floors; brushing your teeth or washing your hair; shaving your face or your legs; or putting a new nappy on your little one; you may not know it, but you’re probably using a product made by Procter & Gamble. Now, the Company is launching a campaign to let everybody know which products it makes and the level of science and technology that it goes into these products you buy.

P&G spends €2billion per year on Research and Development and this new campaign celebrates the science behind the brands and highlights how they offer the best value to consumers.

David Cotter, Ireland Country Manager for P&G commented: “At P&G our core mission is to offer the very best value to our consumers and we take pride in the heritage, value and performance of our brands. P&G invests €2billion annually in research and development – more than our main competitors combined – ensuring our brands deliver real value to consumers. We believe value is a beneficial experience our consumer feels when using our products. We look beyond price to performance, quality, longevity and broader usage benefits like sustainability or cost savings. For example, Fairy All-in-1 Dishwashing Tablets are engineered by P&G scientists to dissolve faster than solid tablets meaning they wash faster, give a brilliant clean in short cycles and use 30% less energy*. We believe P&G brands offer the best value possible and we want people to know it”.

*When using 50C/55C/Eco Cycle

Some examples of how P&G will be championing this in the campaign include:

  • Longevity

P&G’s commitment to science has created a formula so powerful that each 650ml bottle of Fairy Original Washing Up Liquid is designed to last up to eight weeks* and is proven to last twice as long as the next-best selling brand, drop for drop. *May vary based on consumption.

  • Broader use benefits

By washing clothes with Ariel at 30C instead of 40C customers can save up to 30% energy on their wash and still get brilliant cleaning results while enjoying sustainable savings in the home

  • Product performance

Men can enjoy Gillette’s best shaving performance with Gillette’s Fusion ProGlide razor whose innovative blade edges are thinner than a surgeon’s scalpel and make shaving feel like gliding

P&G are encouraging shoppers to discover more about the P&G Effect on where they can avail of coupons, competitions, money saving tips, expert advice and details on how exactly P&G brands can deliver them superior value. The P&G Effect is a nationwide campaign which runs until April 2014 in participating retailers nationwide.