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14th Nov 2019

‘Unicorn puppy’ with tail growing from his head is the most perfect little guy

Jade Hayden

How much is that doggy in the window?

The one with the waggly tail.

Or, in this case, tails. And one of them is smack bang in the middle of the dog’s forehead. Naturally.

The dog in question is named Narwhal, and he was found wandering around Missouri recently before he was picked up by rescue group, Mac’s Mission.

The charity took Narwhal to the vet where they were informed that the puppy is entirely healthy, that there are no bones in the tail, and that it shouldn’t affect his life in any way.

Other than being chronically adorable, that is.

Mac’s Mission have been detailing Narwhal’s progress over on their Facebook page since he came into their lives.

So far, the puppy has done a selection of adorable puppy-related things like get excited, run about the place, and play with other dogs.

He hasn’t quite chased his tail yet – which may prove troublesome for the little guy – but listen, he’s doing his best.

Mac’s Mission said on Facebook that they had no immediate plans to have the tail removed – especially if it isn’t causing Narwhal any hassle.

However, they have said they are going to continue to monitor his health, to ensure that the tail doesn’t grow too long and impede the dog’s sight – or his health.

Images via Mac’s Mission Facebook.