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25th Sep 2012

Umbrellas at the Ready! More Downpours Expected Over the Next few Days…

If you have to venture outside your front door this morning, we highly recommend a pair of wellies, the heaviest raincoat you have and an umbrella-ella-ella...

Ladies, you might want to pull on that pair of wellies you have left over from Electric Picnic before you leave the house today because it’s set to be another washout. Yes, as if yesterday wasn’t bad enough, our miserable weather is set to continue.

According to reports this morning, various parts of the country experienced flash floods yesterday which wreaked absolute havoc on the roads and made getting home a nightmare for commuters. Weather experts are now predicting more than 50mm of rain to fall before the bad weather eases this afternoon.

Why are we having such crap weather? Well it’s all down to a low pressure system sweeping across the country.

Yesterday Met Eireann issued a weather warning to the general public, and the bad news is that more heavy rain is expected today and tomorrow. Oh and our weather will remain unsettled until early next week.

More rain is expected over the next two days, so wrap up warm!

“Tuesday will bring further wide-spread rain with the rain clearing southwards to sunshine and a few showers during the late morning and afternoon,” said a spokesman for Met Eireann.

“There will be further showers on Tuesday night, especially across the northwest and north, with more prolonged rain or heavy showers in the east and southeast,” the spokesman added.

So women, we’re in for another two days (at least) of soggy jeans, frizzy hair and not having a clue how to dress for the elements. If you’re heading outside today, don’t forget your brolly!