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05th Nov 2016

Twitter is on FIRE over a derogatory comment made about Louise O’Neill’s outfit

People are missing the point entirely.

“Get your shoulders out”.

People are incandescent with rage over a derogatory comment made about a top worn by Louise O’Neill during her documentary Asking For It, which aired on Tuesday night last.

The award-winning Cork author wore the off-the-shoulder top during a segment of the documentary, NBD says you, until it was made a point of within a piece published by an Irish publication today.

Louise’s top was described as a “shoulderless party dress with a plungingly revealing neckline” and as you can see from the below tweet, this description does not match. At all.

Tony Cuddihy and Carl Kinsella of were “the two young male journalists” mentioned within said piece and Tony voiced his outrage at the inaccuracies and sheer ridiculousness of the whole situation.

Needless to say, people are raging and have been tweeting to let Louise know they think the whole thing is ridiculous.

The point of Asking For It has been entirely missed by some people.

Moral of the story, we as women are going to wear whatever the hell we want because fashion is a means of expressing yourself.

NOT because you’re luring on men or putting yourself out there or even thinking of anything else but what you want to wear.


Main image via Twitter: Louise O’Neill