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29th Apr 2013

Twins Born in Waterford Break Guinness World Record

Amy and Katie Jones became world record holders within a few months of being born...

They might only be babies but Irish twins Amy and Katie Jones have already broken a Guinness World Record having been born 87 days apart.

According to reports Maria Jones-Elliot went into labour four months early, at the beginning of June last year, during which Amy arrived but it wasn’t until three months later, at the end of August, that her sister Katie came along.

During the delay Maria, whose contractions ceased after the birth of Amy, was kept in Waterford Regional Hospital under close supervision.

The twins were born in Waterford Regional Hospital.

Consultant obstetrician Dr Eddie O’Donnell told the Telegraph that such cases are very rare and are prone to complications: “Most people haven’t heard of this… Two weeks is the longest I’ve ever seen.”

The twins, and of course their mum, now hold the record for the “longest interval between the birth of twins” having beaten the previous by three days.

Not bad for your first few months in the world, eh?