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01st Apr 2013

Twelve Things We Couldn’t Do Before Apple Existed

Let’s face it, Steve Jobs has pretty much changed our lives...

On this day in 1976, Steve Jobs along with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, set up Apple Inc., a company that would change the way everyone interacted with technology in the world. Some of us would die without our iPhone; here are ten things we couldn’t do before Apple and the i products existed…

1. Leave our houses

“You’re where? I have no idea where that is!” Well, pre- Apple days you could expect to walk around like a lost puppy until the sun went down but now, well, two words. Google Maps.

2. There wasn’t an app for that!

In the dark days before the iPad, iMac and iPhone existed, there wasn’t an app that could give us access to all the information we needed or alternatively, allow us to throw stones at birds with catapults. How did we find out what tracks were in random shop without Shazam? How did we listen to radio abroad? We PAID to call people in Australia?!

3. We couldn’t store our music in one easy location. Thank you iTunes!

Instead of iTunes, we had a press that was inevitably full of about 100 cds, depending on how much you loved your music. Unfortunately, CDs didn’t come with a delete option either so there’s all our embarrassing album buys just hanging around… The Venga Boys? Oh dear.


4. We didn’t have instant access to everything.

Literally everything! We now have access to everything from every movie that was ever made to random pictures of cats. Sure, we could search stuff on older technology, but it wasn’t as easy as this…

5. Our phones were not smart. Not even a little clever…

Besides having everything in one easy location, our phones are now smart enough to tell us we are thick. Two words, predictive text.

6. You couldn’t talk to your phone…

Imagine sitting on a bus in, let’s say 1999, and saying “Siri, look up that salmon recipe for me from Mum.” Yes, we think you would get a few strange looks…

7. It was impossible to cheat in pub quizzes

Well, it wasn’t impossible but it was a damn sight easier to cheat on your new smart phone or iPad than it was to ring your Ma and ask “Ma, do you remember who was Gail’s first husband in Corrie?”

8. “I’ll check my iphone” wasn’t a phrase.

Unfortunately, like the ad on the TV, you would have to run all the way home to check out a random fact. Not so much anymore.

9. Iphone wasn’t a word…

Again, imagine travelling back to the early 90’s and crying at someone that you have lost your iPhone. “You’ve lost your phone?” “No, not a stupid phone, MY IPHONE!”


10. Go on a long walk with a laptop

Businessmen and women, journalists and students the world worship at the altar of Steve Jobs every day for the fact that they no longer suffer back ailments thanks to dragging around a laptop from the Middle Ages. Hello iPad!

11. A memory like no other…

Remember that conversation we had? Where you said you would pay that bill? REMEMBER? Oh no? Well, my iPhone does. It remembers *everything*.

12. Screengrab

You want to know how we know? We took a screengrab of the conversation.