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30th Dec 2013

Twelve Amazing Things That Happened In 2013

These are some of the stories that we just love...

Yes, a lot of terrible things happened in 2013 but there were certainly a lot of incidents that occurred which gave us a lot of hope for 2014. Here are twelve amazing things that happened in stories that we covered over the year.

1. The Ginger Seal

This gorgeous ginger seal was abandoned by his colony but was taken in by some animal rescuers. We just loved this guy. You can read the story here.

2. The Batkid

Miles Scott is suffering from cancer but that didn’t stop him delivering on his Make A Wish day. He saved the city of Boston from the evil villains and looked damn good doing it.

3. This Lady who left the apology.

This lady left this wonderful apology on a pole in Stoneybatter after she realised she was being rude to someone who was crossing the road. Just lovely.

woman road

4. The Bette Middler call.

Bette rang up a girl who was terminally ill and sang the Wind Beneath My Wings. It’s almost too much to watch again.

5. The Kind Football Player

Max, who suffers from Williams syndrome, was very excited about appearing as a mascot in a World Cup qualifier. However, he was very nervous but Kim Kallstrom was there to calm him down.

6. The Boy who was being bullied.

Six-year-old Danny has a quirky sense of style and suffers from speech problems stemming from a brain hemorrhage which he had after he was born. When some kids started to pick on him the football team decided to show their support and team spirit by dressing like Danny for a day.

7. Robbie Keane.

When Robbie Keane turned up at the Toy Show to meet Domhnall, we cried at the expression on this child’s face. Just amazing.


8. Twin Babies

The twin babies who haven’t realised they are born yet took the Internet by storm and you can see why. This is adorable.

9. The Marching Band

If you can find a better marching band then the Ohio State University, we would like to see them.

10. Cup Song

The Gaeltacht interpretation of the Cup song was one of our most loved stories from this year. This is absolutely amazing.

11. This Irish Dad

Not only was this Dad thinking outside the box, he created a beautiful wheelchair for his son to join in the Halloween celebrations.

12. The kid who wrote to Santa

This boy wrote a letter to Santa to ask that bullies would leave his sister alone. The rest of us just wept.