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09th Nov 2012

TV Cat Under House Arrest Due to Purr Behaviour

A cat, who once appeared in an television advertisement, has been getting into serious trouble...

A cat in England has been given the equivalent of an animal ASBO because he keeps causing trouble.

Oscar, who lives with his owner Caroline Hughes in Buckinghamshire, has been put under house arrest and given herbal remedies.

This is Oscar, who has gone from the television screen to house arrest.

Ms Hughes is hoping that this will be enough to calm her wayward pet and keep him in the confines of her home.

Apparently Oscar, who once appeared in an Ikea advertisement, has had a few run-ins with the authorities for fighting dogs and taking food from neighbours. He also injured a 77-year-old man.

Apparently Oscar has also been squaring up to dogs in the area.

Speaking to Metro, Ms Hughes explained: “I’ve never understood why he’s like he is. He’s friendly and adorable at home.”