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22nd Jun 2023

Experts explain how to load a dishwasher – and we have all been doing it wrong

Sophie Collins


A TikTok video has gone viral after it showed people how to properly fill the dishwasher, and it seems we have all been doing it wrong.

Many people have been taking to the comments to say they are guilty of the mistakes being highlighted in the video.

For one, if you’re putting your glasses over the prongs at the top of the machine, you’ve been making a major mistake – but there’s more.

According to the experts at Good Housekeeping, there are actually three very common mistakes that people have always been guilty of.

In a video posted to their TikTok account @goodhousekeepingofficial, a spokesperson explained: “Sorry, but you’re definitely not loading your dishwasher the RIGHT way.

“Our cleaning experts are here to help, so the next time you load your dishwasher, it’ll be a lot easier and you’ll get the best cleaning results.”

Starting at the top of the dishwasher, they explained: “Mistake one – you’re overlapping items.

“Remember if the water can’t reach it, it won’t get clean.

“Make sure bowls don’t nest and items aren’t blocking each other.”

The spokesperson then continued and outlined a second error, advising: “You’re placing glasses over the prongs.


“Putting them over the prongs can leave glasses spotty and can even cause some to break.

“Instead, glassware should rest against the prongs, not over them.”

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The final error they highlighted in the video is how you’re loading the machine to reach your dirty cutlery.

“Mistake number three – you’re not loading flatware correctly,” they said.


“If you’re just randomly placing your flatware in the dishwasher, you may not be getting the best cleaning.

“Forks should be placed in the basket with the tines up, knives with the blades down and spoons alternating up and down to prevent nesting.”

Have you been loading your dishwasher wrong?