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17th Mar 2013

Tulisa’s Not Going Anywhere… Singer Rubbishes X Factor Firing Rumours

Tulisa said there has been no mention of her leaving the reality talent show.

Tulisa has denied rumours that she’s been axed from the new series of The X Factor.

It was reported last month that Simon Cowell would be dropping Tulisa from the show’s judging panel.

There were also rumours that Sharon Osbourne and Robbie Williams were in talks with Cowell about a possible future on the ITV show.

But 24-year-old Tulisa has hit back at the rumour mill and said if she had been axed she would have no qualms in telling the world.

The singer said she’s keen to return for a third series and would have no hard feelings if her contract doesn’t get renewed.

“I’m realistic, if Simon had called to say I was sacked, I’d say. If there were issues, I’d say,” she told the Sunday People.

She also said she had dinner with Cowell and show producer Richard Holloway recently and there was no mention of her contract being ceased.

The singer rubbishes rumours that she was fired from the show. 

Tulisa joined the X Factor crew in 2011 and made show history when her act Little Mix became the first band to ever win the show.

She did admit she found last year more challenging after none of her acts made it to the final.

She said: “I haven’t been axed from the X Factor. I love the show, I’d always want to do it. Last year was much harder than my first series but I did enjoy it.

“Simon and I are cool with each other, it doesn’t all go as deep as people think.

“I love speaking the truth as I feel like nobody else does it. I’m not one to hold back.”