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30th Nov 2012

Totally Copped On: The Guards Aren’t So Handy With The Penalty Points In 2013

The number of penalty points issued to drivers has dropped but we still can’t resist the old texting while driving!

Undeniably, we’ve all been cheeky on the road at some point. Whether you’ve slammed on the brakes in order to crawl through town at the speed of a slug to avoid the speed cameras or dropped the mobile like a hot potato at the sight of a guard, we’re all guilty from time to time.

However, 2013 has been a good year for Irish drivers as the number of penalty points issued has dropped by almost 10 per cent.

According to figures released by the Central Statistics Office, almost 260,000 points were issued last year, which is a dramatic decrease from 2012.

90 per cent of Irish driving offensives are due to mobile phone usage

The CSO also recorded that one in ten drivers on the road has a learner permit and over half of new drivers pass their test on the first go.

The figures revealed that we’re still devils for yapping on the mobile phone while behind the wheel.

Over 90 per cent of drivers who were nabbed by the guards and issued penalty points were pulled over for using their gadget while driving.