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10th Oct 2013

Top Dog – Dog Crashes Half-Marathon, Runs Race, Wins Medal

We say, hero.

Boogie, a chocolate labrador from Indiana, decided last week that he had enough of his hum drum life and wanted to escape, run and be free.

According to Metro, Boogie escaped his owner, Jerry Butts, leash the night before the race. Apparently, it was his fourth escape.

During the race, marathon runners were shocked when they noticed a dog had joined and managed to run most of the 13.1 miles.

Kim Arney, a competitor, claimed: ‘I lost my race buddy about mile 4 or 5 and picked up a new one around mile 10.”

The dog was eventually taken in by Animal Control and reunited with his owner after the race was finished.

Boogie finished the race in just two hours and fifteen minues, a time which placed him above half of the competitors.

For his efforts, the lovable canine was awarded a medal by the event organisers.

However, he was promptly taken to the vet soon afterwards to be microchipped.