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10th Jan 2013

Tom Hardy’s Arms & Channing Tatum’s Abs: Is This What The Perfect Man Looks Like?

We're not quite sure about the hairdo but we can definitely get behind a man who has arms like Tom Hardy...

When you think about your dream man, what does he look like and, more importantly, does he have a significant hairdo?

We’re only asking because a new survey has revealed that Justin Bieber’s hairstyle has been voted as the number one look for the ‘perfect’ man to rock. Yes, really.

Digital Spy reports that a survey of over 2,000 women has revealed the ultimate man. So what does he look like? Well, unsurprisingly, he’s a combination of all the Hollywood hotties out there at the moment.

Tom Hardy’s hunky arms ranked highly in the survey

The survey, which was conducted by, found that when it comes to the perfect man, we fantasise about a man who has Channing Tatum’s abs, Ryan Gosling’s lips and Paddy McGuinness’ cheeky personality.

We all want Ryan Gosling’s kissable lips…

Here is a full list of the desirable attributes we want and the percentage of women who agreed:

Abs: Channing Tatum, 32 per cent.
Arms: Tom Hardy, 26 per cent.
Bum: David Haye, 52 per cent.
Cheekbones: Johnny Depp, 31 per cent.
Eyes: Harry Styles, 46 per cent.
Hair: Justin Bieber, 41 per cent.
Jawline: Robert Pattinson, 46 per cent.
Legs: David Beckham, 34 per cent.
Lips: Ryan Gosling, 32 per cent.
Nose: Jude Law, 30 per cent.
Personality: Paddy McGuinness, 47 per cent.
Teeth: Brad Pitt, 23 per cent.

So what do you think? Do you think the above attributes are acceptable or do you feel that there’s someone missing off this list? Let us know!