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19th Jun 2013

“Tired of Voting for Rats? Vote for a Cat!” Furry Feline Stands For Election in Mexico

The cat's out of the bag... and on to the podium

Meet Señor Morris, the lovable cat who just might be mayor.

What started as a joke between two friends has now escalated into an actual election campaign to get the cuddly kitty ruling Mexico’s city of Xalapa.

Though we haven’t exactly seen a cat come close to being in charge of Ireland you could say we can relate with voting animals into power.

“Morris has become an expression of how fed up people are with all the parties and a political system that does not represent us,” said Sergio Chamorro, who owns the furry black-and-white candidate.

This now famous moggy has also inspired other animal in other Mexican cities to run for election, including a donkey in Ciudad Juárez and a chicken in Tepic.

One person who’s not happy with the campaign, however, is head of Veracruz’s electoral institute Carolina Viveros, who has urged the public not to waste their votes on Morris.

“It is important to vote for the registered candidates,” she said.

Mexico plans to hold local elections on the 7th July but we’re not too sure what plans Morris has for his potential stint as ruler of the city – world domination or global catastrophe? Who knows?

Morris’ thoughtful and reflective campaign video

In any case, best of luck Morris, we think you’re the purrfect candidate for the job.